We are Mushroom Tech Innovators.

Our Founder Believes Fungi Can Defeat Cancer & Promote Healthy Lifestyles For Everyone.

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what is our mission?

We want to make delicious mushrooms accessible to all.

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We supply you with everything needed to incorporate the best tasting gourmet mushrooms into your everyday diet.

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Rare Gourmet Fungi

Most grocery stores lack mushroom variety. We are cultivating all of the best tasting fungi.

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Health Benefits

Mushrooms have been documented throughtout history for their healing and medicinal value

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How It Works?

Our mushroom kits are a simple way to try delicious mushrooms!


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Plan your menu and explore all of the gourmet mushroom types we offer.


Grow Mushrooms Anywhere

Our mushroom kits are designed to grow mushrooms in any kitchen environment.


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We are VeryFungi

Meet Our Team

We are a team of friends first, leaders second, brought together from experience working with Chaz

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Jenni Austiff

Chief Scientist

Harvard University Ph.D Candidate in the Dept. of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.

Jenni is leading our laboratory-based molecular and experimental analytical research. Our efforts will document and compare our products to current market standards.

Meg Anand

Director of Human Resources

Pursuing a career as a Veterinarian at the Roselle Park Animal Hospital. Specialist in Aquatic Life Support Systems. Meg and Chaz met over their passion for various pet shrimps.

Meg is also an amature Mycologist with experience growing mushrooms for her family's kitchen.

Alexander Weiss

Fundraising manager

With his sales background, Alexander brings a different perspective to the team. Alexander is our front line for donor and customer outreach. He is commited and throughly delighted to be able to contribute to the project.

Chaz Hing

Very Fun Guy

Serial Tech Entrepreneur and inventor. Chaz started his career in cybersecurity and has since became a defense contractor, grant writer, and technologist with a Web3/Blockchain patent pending from 2018. During this time he also created a 3D printing design and manufacturing company for aquariums.

Chaz is pivoting his passions and experience to create a BioTech project that will improve the lives of many.

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Our first goal is to cultivate rare gourmet mushrooms for Chaz to consume in his journey with chemotherapy and without. We will slowly increase production and distribute cultivated mushrooms and mushroom growing kits to other cancer patients and anyone else in the community that would benefit. Then we will have our products availble for sale online.

Access to Fresh Produce is a luxury in the USA. Access to a wide variety of edible Fungi is a worldly luxary. There are many geographic areas were processed foods are the staple food due to either simple convenience or a genuine lack of options

Mushrooms have been documented to contain many beneficial chemicals that can be extracted simply from water. Browse our website for the various benefits and scientific studies of the Fungi Kingdom.